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Our History

The Ken Garff Automotive Group


In his early days, Ken Garff was an attendant at a small     Shell service station in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Shell   station exploded one day while Ken was outside at the  pumps helping a customer. While Shell was reconstructing the building, Ken Began to sell used cars to keep himself occupied. When Shell completed their new building, they gave Ken an ulimatum. They told him that if he wanted to keep working for them, he needed to stop selling cars. It   was too late though--Ken had discovered the car business and was not turning back!


Ken Garff founded his automotive business in downtown   Salt Lake in the year 1932. It was founded upon principles of honesty, integrity, and personalized customer service. Ken was extremely community oriented and best known for his personal dealings with customers.                                                     


Ken's legacy lives on, as the Ken Garff Automotive Group has over 50 stores throughout Utah, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada and California, with today's sales totaling over $1.5 billion. The group sells cars from a wide range of manufacturers including: Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Buick and many more!


The brand slogan is "We Hear You", showing the Ken Garff Automotive Group's commitment to customers and giving them an exceptional experience. Let Porsche Lehi demonstrate this commitment to you today. We look forward to serving you!